Orthok Case Study

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Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-K) uses an extremely high oxygen permeable corneal mold to temporarily reshape the cornea. The molds are worn while sleeping and taken out upon wakening. This means that your child’s sight will be good during the day hence allowing him/her to go to school, exercise and swim without needing glasses or contact lenses. What can we achieve with Ortho-K? The aim of Ortho-K is to control progression of myopia with the additional benefit of independence from glasses and contact lens in the day. Ortho-K molds reshapes the cornea to focus the light rays on the retina for sharp vision. The corneal reshaping effect of Ortho-k is temporary and lasts for about a day, enough to remove the need of glasses or contact…show more content…
First visit The following tests will be performed on your child’s first visit: 1) Refraction will be done to determine your child's prescription. 2) An eye health assessment will also be done to check the health of your child’s eye prior to lens fitting. 3) Corneal topography will be done to map your child’s cornea for the designing of the molds as each Ortho-k mold must be customized according to the shape and curvature of the wearer’s cornea to achieve optimal benefit. Sufficient time will be allocated for your consultation to ensure that your concerns are answered and that you are comfortable with your child going through this program. Once you have decideto proceed with the program for your child, you will also be asked to sign a consent form where you must declare that you have understood the benefits and potential risks of the program that your child will be going through. Collection of your Ortho-k molds The fitting of the molds are checked before being dispensed. Both the child and the parents will be taught how to properly remove and insert the molds; the cleaning regimen as well as safety measures of wearing contact lenses. The molds are then
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