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Executive Summary YEMABLES Veggie Yema is a start-up food manufacturing business owned by Ms. Ruth O. Longara. It will be registered a single proprietorship form of business located at Brgy. Maasin, Mangaldan Pangasinan. Our company will have an annual production of 17, 836 packs with an estimated profit of Php 65, 2000.00 in its first year of operation. YEMABLES Veggie Yema needs an amount of Php 136,660.00 for its start-up which will be sourced from owners’ equity and loan. Our company envisions itself to become one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of quality food products and to become globally competitive. Our mission is to produce and promote quality, healthy food products and to create an outstanding value for our consumers.…show more content…
Most parents have struggled feeding their children with vegetables mainly because of the taste. Our product aims to help these parents by making their children eat vegetables in the form of a sweet treat which they have always loved without showing actual vegetables. Our product is also for health conscious individuals who are hesitant to eat sweets or seeks health benefits before making a purchase. Our leading competitors are: Eng Seng Food Products, Mr. Yema and Sweet Khulet Yema. YEMABLES Veggie Yema Products’ competitive advantage lies in its nutritional content combined with its packaging. Our products come in a plastic food container to make it more presentable and to protect the products from contaminants and insects, especially ants. Our business’s strategy is to focus on providing quality and healthy products to our customers and satisfy their needs. This will be undertaken by continuous innovation and improvement of production through the acquisition of machineries. To increase brand awareness and market share, we will intensify product promotion through the use of social media and we will also conduct sales promotion campaigns like freebies and…show more content…
People who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Vegetables are significant sources of essential vitamins, particularly vitamin a and c, minerals, ample fibre and these are needed by the body in order to achieve proper nutrients. Nutritional inadequacies are a serious problem that most of the people have lack of food supply. Vegetables are very essential to our body especially to the children because it can make their immune system strong by getting the desired nutrition. One of the problems that we encountered is that most of us are not fond of eating vegetables. Other says that they don’t like the taste and the smell of it. Some vegetables possess the taste of being bitter and sour. YEMABLES Veggie Yema is offering a healthy & delicious veggie yema that comes in different flavors: squash, malunggay and carrots. Our product will be geared towards health conscious individuals who are reluctant to eat sweet foods. Our product will also try to minimize the problem of not eating vegetables especially for children who don’t like to eat vegetables because of its taste. Children have always loved sweets, and so we made a product made from vegetables so they can enjoy eating sweets at the same time eat some

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