Osage Allotment Act

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In July of 2003, United States Representative Frank Lucas lobbied for house bill 2912. On December third 2004, President Bush passed that bill which was a remedy to the Osage Allotment Act of 1906. The Osage Allotment Act of 1906 gave Congress the sole authority to determine the Osage Nation’s membership criteria, as well as their unique system of governance. At the time, Congress limited membership to those with, “headrights,” which were shares in the mineral estate. These headrights were often quarterly payments, trust funds, bonuses, and royalties. The mineral estate included the crude oil and natural gas markets, and was the territory’s main source of employment. The ongoing issue for the Osage Nation is determining membership, and stems…show more content…
The case study lasted for sixteen months, and was composed of personal interviews with over 72 Osage people, as well as weekly meetings with the Osage Government Reform Commission, which was in charge of writing the new constitution. Part of the case study examined the feedback from the referendum, which was administered to the Osage people, and was concerned with options for the new constitution. Another aspect of the case study analyzed the new membership system. The study found that in 2004 only four thousand descendants of the nearly sixteen thousand total descendants have full citizenship. This could have originated from the fact that the tribal roll in 1906 only acknowledged 2,229 people who held…show more content…
Deloria pleads, “Not even Indians can relate themselves to this type of creature who, to the anthropologists, is the ‘real’ Indian […]” (Dennison, 8). It is easy to ignore how much these misconceptions limit the people subject to them. These harmful misconstructions are seen everyday, in settings like sports, particularly the football team the Washington Redskins. Finally we see a major figure, in this case, FedEx, publicly reject the identity. This is a step towards unlocking American Indian potential, which affects the United States in just as many ways. Like the mineral estate at the time, Osage Nation’s casinos are a huge source of revenue for
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