Osama Bin Laden And Gandhi Comparison Essay

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Are we able to compare drastically different people who have impacted the world in such different ways? Most people would say there is absolutely no way to compare Osama Bin Laden and Mahatma Gandhi. At first it may seem impossible but logically thinking these two people may be more similar than they appear. While at the surface they may seem like totally opposites; Bin Laden who was the master mind behind a number of terrorist attacks and Gandhi who fought for independence without causing harm to anyone. By looking at their purposes and efforts you may find they are similar people. Bin Laden and Gandhi both had many followers that helped them to accomplish goals. Bin Laden was the leader of a group called Al Queda. He was able to convince…show more content…
It is very clear why most people didn’t agree with what Bin Laden was doing. He was at fault for killing millions of innocent lives for no reason at all. He was also behind the attack on America which involved the hijacking of planes and crashing them into the twin towers. He had very few if any positive things about him, we as Americans view him as a monster and a terrorist who could only do harm. Gandhi also had many people who couldn’t support his ideas for independence. People have called him the destroyer of India and a traitor. He was trying to free India from the British rule which caused the British to loath him along with Godse. Godse assassinated Gandhi because of how India treated the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Although Gandhi had more supporters than enemies, the hatred Godse had for him led to his ultimate downfall. Bin laden and Gandhi are alike in this way because each of their actions led to their death. Bin Laden was assassinated by the Navy Seals for his acts of terrorism and Gandhi who was killed by Godse because of the hatred he had for India and their

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