Osama Bin Laden And Terrorism Essay

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Religious terrorism - is the most dangerous form of terrorism based on religious fanaticism. This phenomenon threatens not only the Middle East but also States that are far beyond the areas traditionally associated with the religion of the Prophet. (Mozaffari 2005, pp.34-36). One of the key actors in the Middle East was Osama bin Laden. With vast resources, bin Laden financed the Taliban. The main goal of bin Laden - the creation of a worldwide Islamic state, so it helps all associates worldwide. Christians are seen as colonizers and Muslims - the victims.
Strategic organizations all have a leader: a leader, who is more successful than others. Some worship leader, others obey, others hate and dream to overthrow him. (Mishal, Rosenthal 2005, pp. 276-279). Bin laden became the leader of the Islamic nation. He became a noble man and hero to many, which allowed him to relocate easily and even seek asylum in other countries. During the years of the Afghan war (1980-1989) Osama gained wide connections in international circles of radical Islamists.
With the completion of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, bin Laden becomes undesirable for the
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The activities of Osama bin Laden led to the gradual transformation of Islamic extremism Taliban terrorism, which left the country. Under the unified political and organizational beginning created the paramilitaries, a kind of terrorism, "Brigade", and the key coordinating role in this play led by bin Laden 's organization "Al Qaeda" and "World Front for Jihad", as well as the Taliban leadership. (Nasrawi 2004, np.). This is reflected in the financial and military support from Islamic organizations and movements in different countries and regions of the world - Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Kashmir, Xinjiang, etc. (Tucker 2010,
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