Osama Bin Laden Case Study

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If you try to recall the dreadful attacks of 9 / 11 in which Osama Bin Laden was highlighted as the main suspect and was bring to justice on 2nd May 2011 by the special security officials following the orders from Mr. Barrack Obama. After that the book of 19/ 11 attacks was spotlessly closed following the death of Osama Bin Laden but recently some ground shaking news has arrived which displays the role of Queen Elizabeth in 9 / 11 attacks. As per the reports from Russian Intelligence Services, Queen Elizabeth II was the chief investor in 19 /11 attacks and the recent kill of Osama Bin Laden’s sister namely Sana Bin Laden via the jet shoot down was the handiwork of Queen Elizabeth II in order to save herself from getting exposed before the whole world.
Sana Bin Laden was travelling in a Bin Laden’s private jet and was destined to land in Britain soil but some was grounded in the mid air when a missile ordered by Queen Elizabeth II blew the private jet to pieces. It’s being reported that Sana Bin Laden was
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This profit gaining plot of 19 / 11 is the sole wrongdoing of Elizabeth II and she is the one responsible for assassination of Sana Bin Laden and false accusation of Osama Bin laden which look away his life, as per report. Queen Elizabeth has ever since continued the private killings of all the people who came to know about this dark secret of her and by doing so, she believes that she won’t have to be answerable for all of her mistakes she deliberately committed for earning more
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