Examples Of One Man's Terrorist By Osama Bin Laden

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Evil has been intertwined into our vocabulary from a very young age to describe villains in books and movies. To declare a person evil is to judge only by the acts of evil and nothing else. Thus, no one can be evil for an individual has performed at least one act of kindness in their lifetime
Evil is not a spectrum but a lens; it depends on how you look at it. The phrase "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" is an example of seeing evil through the different lens. Acts of evil for some can be acts of kindness for others. An example of looking through the different lens is Osama Bin Laden. The former leader of a radical jihadist group known as Al-Qaeda was in charge of mass attacks on the US and throughout the world. Bin Laden's
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Every individual has done an act of kindness is their lifetime at least once, even those who aren't right in the mind. An example of a psychopath who did acts of kindness is Jeffrey Dahmer. After raping, mutilating, dismembering, and murdering 17 boys, he was arrested at the age of 31. Dahmer love of the body made him commit acts of evil, but it also did the opposite. At the age of 19 Dahmer joined the military as a combat doctor. His love of the human anatomy not only strived him to be a murder but also a doctor. Acts of kindness like becoming an army doctor clarify that Dahmer isn't evil, for acts of kindness out balances the acts of evil. (Bio of Jeffrey Dahmer, 2
One act of evil is all it takes to change a person who has done acts of evil their whole life into someone who is evil. An example of a man who's life changes in due to one act of evil is Macbeth. The play starts with him being a war hero and a loyal to his king. Only after he killed the king did Macbeth's courage loving character turn into a man who was maniacal, thoughtless, and insane. The sudden change from the war hero into sociopath shows that it only takes one simple act of evil to change a person for the rest of their life. (Shakespeare,
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