Osama Bin Laden History

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Brazil comes from a tree named brazilwood. Portugal claimed the land of Brazil in the year 1500. Brazil covers 3 time zones. Osama Bin Laden-themed bars are something of a trend in Brazil. Bar do Bin Laden in Sao Paulo run by an Osama lookalike and Caverna do Bin Laden, or “Bin Laden’s Cave” can be found just in Niteroi, around 25 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro. Land Brazil is one of the 77 founding members of the United Nations. The Amazon River flows through Brazil, it is the 2nd longest river in the world after the Nile in Egypt. The word Brazil, meaning “red like an ember,” comes from pau brasil (Brazilian) Brazil Wood, a tree that once grew abundantly along the Brazilian coast that produced a deep, red dye. Brazilwood was valued by…show more content…
A number of Nazis fled to Brazil after the Second World War, including Josef Mengele also known as the “Angel of Death” known for his cruel experiments and fascination with twins. The high rate of twin births in the town of Cândido Godói, near the Argentine border, has been attributed to him but it was disproven. The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro weighs 635 tonnes, is 38 metres high including its pedestal and was named one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World” in 2007. Brazil has more than 4,000 airports. Plants and animals The giant anteater may grow over 2m long that is over 6 ft long (6.56168). It tears open ant and termite nests with its sharp claws and laps up as many as 35, 000 a day with its very sticky tongue. The most well-known fish in Brazil is the piranha also found in thee Nile. There are also brightly colored poison dart frogs. Scientists have not yet discovered many species of animals living in the rainforest. For example, Muras tamarind, a species of monkey was recently just discovered in 2009. People and culture The brazilian culture is one of the most varied. Brazil has over 190 million people. In brazil just fewer than 40% are mixed black and white and less than

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