Osama Bin Laden Impact

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Osama Bin Laden, part of the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives, was a suspect of several terrorist attacks against Americans (Murdico 7). Bin Laden was the financier and leader of Al Qaeda, an enormous worldwide terrorist organization which killed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians(4). However, the road to his future actions started when he was just a kid. In 1967, when Bin Laden was only ten years old, he inherited 250 million dollars after his father, Mohammed Bin Laden had died in a car crash(11). Later on, Bin Laden would use this money to help fund his terrorism campaign against the United States. Al Qaeda had many goals which they desired to achieve which included getting Americans and Western influence out of Muslim countries(38).…show more content…
By this standard, Al Qaeda’s attack on the United States on September 11,2011 was a success in that they created a chaos big enough to last in the minds of everyone for eternity. In In order to kill America’s pride, wealth and power, four hijacked planes, with a total of 246 passengers, were turned into bombs and flown into American symbols. Three planes crashed into the World Trade towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane was supposedly on track to attack the White House, but, crashed in a Pennsylvania field. A New York rescue worker exclaimed that, “We 're going to look on this as the day everything changed… It just feels like nothing’s ever going to be the same” as a result of the thousands of passengers on the airplanes, policemen, firefighters, emergency workers and regular civilians who died that day without doing anything wrong (Stewart 10). Sadly, many of the hijackers sacrificed their lives for the horrors Bin Laden wanted accomplished and did not even know at the time how big of a horror would create (Margulies 8).” In fact, a London newspaper, The Observer, published a letter dated on September 10 from the 26 year-old hijacker Ziad Jarrah that was to his girlfriend, Ayse Sengun
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