Osama Bin Laden Influence On Terrorism

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The terrorist attack that occurred on Sept 11, 2001 was the deadliest hit on American soil since Pearl Harbor. This horrific act of terrorism has and forever will have a lasting impact on our national security policies, our economy and our perception of the Muslim community. Osama Bin Laden orchestrated a very strategic, methodical terror attack on the US that resulted in nearly 3000 souls perishing on that fateful day. This senseless attack has shattered the sense of security we once knew and has made us painfully aware that the U.S. is not immune from the ruthless rage of our enemy.

On the morning of Sept 11, 2001 19 terrorists who were members of the al-Qaeda terror organization hijacked four U.S. planes that departed from major airports
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Bin Laden’s motivation was hatred and fueled by anger over the US support of Israel during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 as well as our military presence in the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq due to the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. One could conclude that Osama bin Laden’s attacks were driven by nationalism rather than religion which may explain why the 19 suicide hijackers were Saudi and Lebanese descent. Within a month after the attacks on the World Trade Center President Bush declared war on terror and sent troops into Afghanistan to circumvent any ongoing Taliban insurgency. The Afghanistan War has been the longest running war in U.S. history.

This attack was a turning point in history that has changed the entire justice system and had several dramatic impacts that were a direct result from the events of that tragic, fateful day.

By October 2001 the U.S. Congress passed the USA Patriot Act which gives the right to law enforcement to search personal property without warrants, monitor suspicious bank transactions as well as deport or detain individuals. This ACT was under deep scrutiny as many felt that this was a violation of civil rights and
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The focus of this department was in place to ensure our country’s border security, provide information about terrorist threats and put security measures in place to protect the American public, the government as well as public transportation facilities. Homeland security personnel have been entrusted with training our law enforcement officers to recognize suspicious activity and behavior and investigate threats and respond accordingly. With Homeland Security now in place the Department of Justice felt the need to merge numerous government agencies together. The immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Customs Service were consolidated to the newly formed ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. ICE is responsible for enforcing our immigration laws and policies as well as streamlining the deportation process for those who engage in criminal activity and break the

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