Osama Bin Laden Summary

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After Mark passed the horrible requirements and brutal workouts in his nine months on the Green Team he was told he was accepted in to Team Six. In 2005 he was first deployed to Afghanistan after the American invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States was determined to capture or kill the terrorists who were responsible for the awful terrorist attacks in New York, Shanksville, PA, and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. Their main concern was hunting down the terrorist leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden.
When he was deployed to the Middle East he spent a lot of time in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was part of the team that was sent into Tora Bora after Osama bin Laden was seen there. It ended up being a fake tip. The team never actually found a piece of evidence of the terrorist leader. Mark was send on a ton of missions that included Taliban leaders, the pursuit of insurgents, terriorst recruters, and arms dealers. He was a sharpshooter and was usually the point man. The point man is the best shooter out of a group. He was also one of the people who helped rescued Captain Phillips who had been kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Africa. They were able to rescue Phillips unharmed, kill three of the kidnappers and take the fourth back to America. At that moment Washington started noticing the outstanding skill and courage of the
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Owen was not on duty at the time but got a message from his boss to come to a meeting. It was at the meeting he learned that he had been selected for a special mission. What the mission was about was not explained at that time. The people that were chosen for the mission were only told that they would be training in North Carolina for the mission. After a while, he and the others were told that they were going on a mission to find Osama bin Laden. The CIA said that they had found him living in Pakistan. They were told to capture or kill the most wanted terrorist in the
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