Osama Bin Laden's Fight Against Terrorism

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The war on Afghanistan saw as its trigger the attacks lead by the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, on the World Trade Center on the 11th of September 2001. At that time, an Islamic group called the Taliban controlled Afghanistan. This group started seizing power by force, and installed a strict interpretation of the Islamic law by forbidding women from getting an education amongst other things. In 1996, they welcomed Al Qaeda into their territory and allowed Osama Bin Laden to set up his organization’s headquarters office.
The Taliban, with the help of Al Qaeda, had 90 percent of Afghanistan under its control.On September 11. 2001, four airplanes were hijacked and crashed by Al
Qaeda militants, which brought immediate and great attention to
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The United States of America government accused the Taliban of protecting and harboring Osama Ben Laden, which causes them a direct and serious threat; one they seek to remove.
This leads us to ask who are al Qaeda After the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets, young Islam extremists went to Afghanistan to fight the “holy war” also known as jihad. One of these young men was Osama Bin Laden, coming from Saudi Arabia.Although he started in Afghanistan, Bin Laden wanted to expand his plans beyond and started gathering wealthy Islam extremists tofinance and help the jihad groups all over the Islamic world, creating, what he called, “The Golden Chain”. He also created a support group to train and finance young jihadists and follow them in their fight.After the Soviets pulled out, Bin Laden decided not to dissolve his organization but rather keep it as a base or “Al Qaeda” for future jihad. Bin Laden left Afghanistan and settled in

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