Osamu Character Analysis

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Osamu Mikumo is the main character of the World Trigger series and also the captain of Tamakoma second (Mikumo Unit). Osamu is the shooter of the squad is main shooter trigger is asteroid armed with secondary trigger raygust which makes a deadly combo. If Osamu had any skill to use them effectively, Osamu is by far the weakest character of the show he has poor technique, low trion, and the experience of a new born babyBut he does recognize his weakness and try many different tactics to win matches, unlike his two teammates Osamu does not process a Side Effect ability so he goes out to battle with his own sense battle which gets him in some hot water luckily Jin and Yuma is there to help him when he needs it. Osamu personality is different from your typical weak main character he doesn't whine or cry a lot he actually has a well known knowledge of his…show more content…
Osamu uses Thruster in a experience way I honestly can say this is the only trigger he has any good skill in using and when he uses Chika's trion with his Thruster he can increase the size to the Raygust shield slanging it at enemies cutting even the larges enemies down. As a shooter Osamu not as skill with these type of triggers cause he has weak trion and in order to use shooter triggers more effetely he needs to build his trion levels. The trigger he use is Asteroid which is very easily trigger to use it doesn't have any tricks to it but it does have powerful bullet power. So it usually gets the job done for Osamu but when he use Chika's trion with his Asteroid he can obliterate any object in his range. Osamu is currently in training coming up with strategies so he can use his Asteroid more effective he usually just shoot it straight at his opponent with no sneakiness just straight forward.
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