Anna The King Play Analysis

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It is the fifth musical play created by the team of composer Richard Rodgers and dramatist

Oscar Hammerstein II. This play is based on the Margaret Landon’s novel, as well as Anna and

the King of Siam. This musicals plot relates to the experiences of Anna, a British school teacher

who was hired as a part of King’s drive to modernize the country. The relationship between the

King and Anna is marked by conflict through much of the piece, as well as by a love to which

neither can admit.

Anna is a widowed schoolteacher arrives in Bangkok from Wales with her son Louis.

Both of them were called by King Mongkut. King Mongkut wanted her to teach his childrens.

The King Mongkut confidante and Siam’s prime minister are
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After that she is

threatened to leave Siam by the king. Later that night the King’s wife visit Anna’s and tells about

everything about king. Anna’s know about the king,

The Britain government became a guest on the King’s palace wants Anna’s to return to the

Britain but the king knows about returning to the Britain. He feels irritate about it. Tuptim was

called to show the performance of the same novel. The king becomes unhappy with the

performance. The king finally comes to know about the Tuptim and about Lun Tha, as he is

killed and thrown in the river. Anna talks about same thing about love of women with the king

and the slavery system but he says that either male may have many womenor love many women

but the women must be faithful to only one male. Due to the disrespect of the king, Anna decided

to leave the King’s palace along with her son. But the king sends letter to his wife to Anna that

he still respects him. He doesn’t want Anna to leave palace but ones to die on the same palace

along with Anna. And finally Anna decided to stay on King’s
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