Oscar Micheaux: The First Black Director

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We all love movies, but have we ever thought of the first black director? Oscar Micheaux was born in Metropolis, Illinois on January 2, 1884. Oscar MIcheaux was an important figure in history, because he was the first black director, and he wrote stories about the way blacks were treated, and about abolishment. His films also reflected the way slaves were treated. Oscar was the fifth child of Calvin S. and Belle Micheaux. His father was born into slavery, Oscar had to deal with lots of social oppression as a child. He has 12 sibling, 13 in total, and moved to Chicago, Illinois at the age of 17 to live with his brother, and worked as a waiter. He started to not enjoy what his brother though to be the “good life”, so he got his own place, and
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