Oscar Peterson: A Jazz Pianist

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One may or may not have heard of this unbelievable jazz artist, Oscar Peterson. Well, Oscar Peterson, a jazz pianist is an honoured Canadian artist. Oscar Peterson was born on August 15, 1925 in Montreal, Quebec. He is known for being the first person in Canadian Jazz and the Blues Hall of Fame. He wrote books called, “Jazz Exercises and Pieces for Young Jazz pianist.” Having many types genres of music, Oscar Peterson played the genre of jazz! Jazz is a genre that most black artists play. African Americans discovered the music of jazz and was developed in New Orleans. They were inspired by European and African rhythms. From African music, they got the rhythm and feel, and from European music, they got the harmony and instrument.

Oscar Peterson lived in the city of Montreal, Quebec. The one who worked at the Canadian Pacific Railway as a porter, was his father, Daniel Peterson. One may think he only favoured the piano as a child, but he also liked Cowboys and Indians, street baseball and tag! Oscar Peterson was introduced to music by his parents because they said all of their children must learn the piano and a brass instrument. His parents were immigrants from
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In 1993, Peterson’s left arm was weakened because of a stroke. As a child, Oscar Peterson’s dad wasn’t around often. He would have to leave for long periods of time, as long as fourteen days, just for his job. Oscar Peterson has gone through many different stories of racism. One day, he saw his friend, Ray Brown, had gotten a fresh new cut. Ray Brown told Peterson that he went to a “white barber shop” and said there was not any problem of going there. The next day he went to the barber shop and the worker told him it was closed. Another day he went, the worker told him, again, it was closed. He went the next day and told him it was closed, but a white man followed him in and the man was immediately seated

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