Oskar Schindler: A Hero

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Oskar Schindler A Hero It 's one of the biggest questions you ask yourself was Oskar Schindler a hero or not? The topic of Oscar Schindler was a hero or not is a very controversial topic some people say he was a bad man for what he did at first but some said he was a hero. Some people say he was an alcoholic woman cheater money- hungry man he only wanted money from the start. The reason he 's a hero is because he saved more than 1,200 Jewish people 's lives yes you can say he was an alcoholic woman cheater money-hungry man but that 's who he was and that same man saved 1200 jews. Oskar Schindler was a selflessness man did a lot for other people. Oskar Schindler saw the Jews being killed tortured beaten humiliate (“Oskar Schindler”).…show more content…
That right there is thinking about other people.He saved more than 1,200 Jews you tell me if that 's not selflessness. Oskar Schindler risking his life to save other people 's life. For a guy to be in the position that he was in he would I 've been a dead man if someone found out what he was doing. All the things right here is what a hero would do risk his life for other people. save people 's lives spend all of your money to save those people 's lives that spells hero to anyone. Saved a lot of people 's lives used all of hard worked money to save those lives you tell me what he is if not a hero. Schindler was changeable he was seen with his own eyes with the Holocaust was doing to the Jews. Schindler was being torn apart by the Holocaust after he really saw how the people were being killed and tortured for their religion. That’s when he changed and started to save them. It really takes a lot for a human to endure seeing another human being killed and tortured for pretty much nothing that 's when Oskar Schindler saw he had to save as much people as he could from the Holocaust he changed from being a money- hungry man to a hero.As the brutality of the Holocaust got worse Oscar witnessed a tragic scene in the summer of 1942 a…show more content…
Okcar was watching innocent people being taking two trains bound for certain death. That 's when Schindler’s protection of his Jewish workers became increasingly active. After you seen her riffic axe from Humanity Oskar Couldn 't do nothing go buy more Jews If he had the money. This drew his protection for the Jews he already saved because now and Nazis are packing the Jews in train and taking them to certain death. This is why Oskar Schindler exchangeable at first it was all just about the money go when he really saw the horrific acts from the Nazis he started to save the Jews he could and was protecting them. The Jewish property and businesses were destroyed and sold by the SS to not see investors one of them being Oskar Schindler. he took a home from a new that was kicked out of their home and Oskar Schindler just took it for himself. This was the Oscar Schindler that went to Poland into the black market this was the money-hungry Schindler, the Schindler that did not know what was going on he only knew they were being kicked out. But again we are talking about the
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