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It is shocking to see how society oppresses, damages and even kills someone because he can be different to others, because he doesn’t follow the stereotypical line with everyone else. So what do I mean by a stereotypical line? I mean to see the same path along and along. Everyone is the same, no uniqueness found among society. For example, seeing a fat, nerd boy from the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, it is common to see well-shaped bodies and pretty faces, therefore, finding a Dominican fat, nerd boy is weird. That is a stereotype. We can learn a lot about stereotypes in Junot Diaz book, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. This story reflects the sad, emotional, unstable, unique life of Oscar Wao. The life of Oscar has been…show more content…
A tag given by society just because you are different than others is hard to bear. Therefore stereotype is not just a word, it is not just a tag, but it can be a weapon, a hammer than can hurt very deeply and tear all of your heart and soul. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao has a lot to relate to the Dominican Republic. But what is the connection between the story and stereotypes? Well, although Oscar Wao, the protagonist, and his family are from there and a big part of the plot is around there, the Dominican Republic has had a long history of stereotypes. Even though the Dominicans nowadays don’t recognize it too often, foreign people actually see the common trait that they have. Oscar Wao is fighting against the stereotype of the Dominican Republic. Because he is a Dominican, he is “supposed to have Atomic Level G, was supposed to be pulling in the bitches with both hands. Everybody noticed his lack of game and because they were Dominican everybody talked about it”(Diaz, 24). This is the stereotype recognize in the Dominican Republic, but is he supposed to be like that, is it necessary for him to be

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