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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, was a very intriguing story. It incorporated numerous themes that certain individuals can relate to and spoke upon realistic cases. Author Junot Diaz wrote this interpretation from where he was raised. This fiction novel set up the themes of relationships, abuse, sexuality, parenthood and so forth. The one theme that stood out to the writer in this novel was culture. To be more specific, cultural supernaturalism. The writer will elaborate more in depth in her essay on why she views the theme supernaturalism as a strong point. The novel took place in New Jersey but dealt with the author’s background of the Dominican Republic. The family speaks highly upon their Latin roots throughout the story. Novel revolves…show more content…
The family are descendants from the Dominican Republic. Oscar believes his family’s past brought a curse upon the family’s future. Article; “Naturalism, Naturalism by Other Means, and Alternatives to Naturalism’” by Andrew Porter, elaborates the theology of supernaturalism is a realistic phenomenon, as stated in the beginning of the writing. Porter reviews historical, religious point of views on supernaturalism versus the religious biblical text, that is found in the sacred scriptures. The author and his peer believe that the concept is true. They realized that it has become unnoticed in the precision of science, history and religion. “Phillip Johnson accepts that conception of naturalism in Reason in the Balance. Johnson defines naturalism as the thesis that nature is all there is, but for practical purposes, he admits only one interesting alternative: super naturalistic theism” (Porter 224). Porter and Diaz are trying to open their reader’s mind in only stating supernatural is real. “William P. Alston’s internet paper, “What is Naturalism, That We Should Be Mindful of It?”, touches many of the features of naturalism from an analytic perspective, and he accepts the idea that naturalism is defined by its rejection of the supernatural, but he also asks what it is about the natural that makes it…show more content…
This review is about defeating a supernatural spirit through the works of healing power. Immigrants believed that they were cursed and being mistreated but healers of the integrated community changed the situation. The studies do believe that supernaturalism is real but takes into consideration the power has of healing a community, because it would lead to alternative spiritual practices. If the curse is not real, then Oscar’s life has changed. Introducing the third source of beyond the supernatural. Getting rid of the theology of supernaturalism taking over an entire family. If Oscar sought Therapeutic help over his years, he would not have to worry about leaving in fear or dying, suddenly. “No matter what their religious healing disciplines are, or maybe, practitioners’ métiers implicitly support a holistic philosophy of life in which the natural and supernatural, the physical and the spiritual no longer represent two contradictory selves” (Viadrich 138). To be on the same page of living life out than believing a curse that is a historical myth, could affect everything one
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