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A New Phase Noise Detection Method Yan Gang Feng1,2 1. School of Electronic Information Engineering, Chengdu University, Chengdu, China 2. College of computer science, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China Email: scuygf@163.com Abstract—Phase noise is one of the most important param- eters in many oscillators. Detecting accurately phase noise for oscillators has importance significance. In this paper, based on correlation operation detection phase noise for oscillators was proposed. The basic principle of this method is using the oscillation signal with phase noise through two phase detections, due to two phase detection channels is totally independent each other, their phase noise is uncorrelated, measured oscillators phase noise is also independent…show more content…
The measurement principle is shown in Fig. 1. I NTRODUCTION A variety of oscillators are widely used with the rapid development of information technology. Most importantly, the specifications of oscillator are critical in improving the perfor- mance of whole equipments and systems. The specification of phase noise is the most important one among all the parameters of oscillator [1-3]. Phase noise and short term frequency stability are two representations of the same physical phenomenon. Short term frequency stability is a time domain description. Phase noise is a frequency domain…show more content…
Phase noise is defined as the ratio of the single side-band power at a frequency offset of from the carrier with a measurement bandwidth of 1Hz to the carrier power [5,6]. If an emission excitation signal or a local oscillation signal contained phase noise, noise will likewise appear in receiving end in signal. Thereby, Signal-to-noise ratio will be descended and error rate will be worsened as a result of the unwanted carrier modulation. Therefore, it is valuable to investigate the phase noise’s detection of oscillator. The existing main detection methods of phase noise are as following, frequency heterodyne method, direct detection method, frequency discriminator method and phase discrim- inator method [7-9]. Frequency heterodyne method for time domain measurement, the other method is generally used for frequency domain measurement. As for the direct detection method and frequency discriminator method, because of its inherent defects, that make phase discriminator method as a relatively better method is widely used in phase noise detection Fig. 1. The measurement principle of phase discriminator method. To be measured’ signal output and reference source’

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