Osei Tutu Case Study

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Osei Tutu was not only the first ruler of the Asante Kingdom he was also the greatest ruler the kingdom had his presence lasted for over 200 years Osei started off becoming a leader of one of the many small city states in the area. He was taken into Denkyira and made into a slave for a long time before escaping but while he was he learned a lot about their military strategies and all kinds of war tactics this was one of his biggest advantages in the coming future. After he escaped he then realized how big of a threat they were so after getting the help of a very famous priest of the time named Okomo Anokey together by using a sacred item to the religion called the golden stool he convinced all the leader of the states to gather under him and form the Asante Kingdom. Now that he had control over all the military he started reclaiming small city states and other things that had been taken over by their neighbors but he knew he needed something else something to give him enough strength to take over the Denkyira and all the other great kingdoms surrounding him. He found this in the form of trade.…show more content…
He trained tons of soldier with this new weaponry and he now knew he had enough power to start the attack with his new war like nation. He attacked the Denkyira and was successful this was when he knew he had done it he was the first successful king as soon as they fell he started to claim all the small nations and big around him he grew the Asante Kingdom to three times its original size before he
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