Osf St. Francis Medical Center Case Study

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With every great problem, a grand solution to solve everything can be proposed. Problems allow human beings to challenge themselves and to test their intellectual ability. Whether it is a problem with something big or something small. Critical thinking and teamwork are essential for solutions. One of the worst problems to deal with typically come within the workplace. As an employee of any fine institution, one could identify any small or big problems. When it comes to OSF St. Francis Medical Center, an employee can identify a handful of problems. Within the medical communications department, there has been a problem that has been present for a while that has not been taken into consideration whatsoever. The problem is that the training for…show more content…
Francis Medical Center is a hospital located in Peoria, IL. OSF St. Francis Medical Center is known for drawing in a lot of people from outside the area. The hospital is also known for generating a lot of revenue for the Peoria Area. To keep the hospital up and running, an efficient call center is needed to keep the communication between all doctors and staff steady. With all the call schedules and different types of departments, it is an easy for a call center employee to get confused and transfer someone to the wrong person or place. It is very important for the employees in the call center at OSF to be well trained. This is exactly the issue in medical communications at OSF. New employees are not being trained good enough for the job and a lot of mistakes are being made. In an interview, Bre explained that half of the mistakes come from undertrained employees (Hutchison). This is very true. In addition to the mistakes, important information is being miscommunicated or not being received at all. This type of information is vital. Too many mistakes are being made by new…show more content…
The most important problem that requires the most attention is most definitely the training. Bryan explained that the source of all the problems comes from the training in an interview (Doyle). The training is vital for an operator to carry out their duties. So what exactly is this problem? The problem is that the training is too simplistic and only covers the basics of the job. The training does not go in depth. In depth training should be a requirement. New employees are not receiving good enough training. Which means they are unable to carry out the very complicated tasks of what the job asks for. When a new employee trains, they will be trained on the switchboard. This usually consist of sitting with another operator so the new employee can get an idea of how the jobs works. The person gets a packet explaining call schedules, alerts, and pages. The shift coordinator lets the new employee take calls outside calls for a while. Just so the person can get used to taking calls from the outside. The person is able to learn how to transfer calls, hang up, and dial numbers. The person then learns about the physician access line. Here they will learn how to look up doctors, paging protocol, and the alerts. That is literally all they learn about it. The employee is then put out on the switchboard by themselves to take calls. The shift coordinator just assumes they know what they’re
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