Osiris In The Mesopotamian, Egyptian And Greek Civilizations

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The Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations are some of the world’s oldest civilizations that thrived due to the influence and effort of various important characters. However, each of these civilizations had one key character without which the civilization would not have flourished as much at it did. For the Mesopotamian civilization, Hammurabi was an important character because he was the first person ever to create and write down a ‘Code Of Law’. In the Egyptian civilization, Osiris was one character who was very influential because he is the main reason the Egyptians believe in the afterlife. For the Greek civilization, Alexander was very significant because he was the one who spread the Greek culture around the world.
The word “Mesopotamia” has its origins in Greek and its literal meaning is “the land between two rivers” . The four main civilizations that dominated Mesopotamia were the Sumerians, Akkadians,
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During his lifetime, he was a strong ruler and after his death, he became the god of the dead, of the afterlife and the underworld. The legend about Osiris’s death at the hand of his jealous brother Seth is one of the main reasons why the Egyptians believe in life after death. It is believed that after Isis (Osiris’s wife) found Osiris’s dead body in Phoenicia, so she got his body back to Egypt and buried it. Set (Osiris’s brother and god of storm and violence) came to the place where the body was buried, tore the body up into pieces and scattered those pieces all over the country. After that, Isis again went to find her husband’s scattered pieces and brought them back and buried them in their rightful place. There are various versions of this myth that all end by stating that Osiris was restored to life and became the king of the underworld. This myth about Osiris’s resurrection then became an important part of the Egyptian’s believe in the life after
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