Oskar Schindler: A True Hero

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Oskar Schindler: A True Hero “If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car, wouldn’t you help him?” Not many people can say that they have saved thousands of lives, while still being friends with the people trying to kill them. It takes someone with bravery, courage, and valiance. Someone willing to put everyone before themselves no matter what danger might come, who will do what some would consider impossible. This kind of act takes someone like Oskar Schindler, a true hero.
During the time of the holocaust during WWII, Oskar provided protection to Jews that changed, and even saved, their lives. Living as a German member of the Nazi party, he soon had a factory called the Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik Oskar Schindler, that provided materials used in the German army. Schindler started off with a small factory, with just a few Jews that he gave the job to, but it grew rapidly. Soon enough, half of the employees were Jewish, until over 1,000 Jews were employed in the factory. Working in the factory saved them from being taken to concentration
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Although Jews were considered worthless and treated like slaves during the holocaust, he was kind and gentle to all his employees. He kept what was going on outside a mystery to them, in hopes that they would not live in fear. The work they did paid well, and was one of the very few places Jews could actually receive enough food to eat and a stable roof over their head. All the Jews in the factory were recorded as essential for the production of war products. Elderly men and women were recorded as young and healthy, children were recorded as adults, and disabled were recorded good as new. Still, even through all the terrible things going on outside of the walls that held them, Jews could live a somewhat normal life with a chance of achieving a life of happiness to live with their
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