Oskar Schindler: An Unlikely Hero

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German businessman Oskar Schindler became an unlikely hero when he saved hundreds of Jews in Poland and Czechoslovakia from death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II (1939–45). By employing them in his factory, Schindler protected them from the wrath of the Nazi Party and preserved generations of Jewish families (“Oskar Schindler Biography”).

Early Years As a child Oskar Schindler was a very popular boy and had many friends at school, he attended a German-language school, also known as Sudetenland. Schindler was not a very impressive student and often failed most of his classes. Schindler was the first born child to the parents of Hans and Louisa Schindler on April 28th 1908 to a wealthy family in Zwittau in Czechoslovakia.

Middle Years Schindler had worked with his father as a farm-equipment manufacturer in the 1920s until his marriage to a woman named Emily had caused problems in Schindler’s and his father 's relationship. He then decided to quit his father 's business and to go work as sales manager for a Moravian electric company. Around this time Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s Party began to rise and Schindler was quickly influenced by Hitler to join him. Schindler quickly created friendships with key officers and in both the Wehrmacht and the SS, he was offering them illegal black-market goods. Schindler met a Jewish accountant named, Itzhak Stern. They then purchased a bankrupt kitchenware factory and started their business. In June 1942, The Nazi began to

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