Oskar Schindler Anti Hero

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Oskar Schindler’s transformation from an “anti-hero” to a hero was not drastic but occurred through many events over a four year span. The first event that showed a change in Schindler was hiring Itzhak Stern as an administrator for his factory of making mess kits and cooking materials for the German army. Itzhak Stern helped fund the factory meaning that Schindler had to rely on Stern for the initial funding. This event as well as the suggestion Stern makes of using the Jewish population instead of the Polish population affirm a friendship and bond between the two men . This bond helps Schindler see Jews as people and not animals or garbage as the rest of the Nazis Party does. This starts to open up Schindler’s mind and heart and was the true start of his journey from “anti-hero” to hero.

The Second event that shows a change in Schindler was the burning of the bodies from the Krakow Ghetto evacuation. Thousands of bodies were burned at the labour camp near Plaszow. The ashes and stench of rotten burning bodies
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The train full of women and children that Schindler had essentially “bought” for his factory were shipped off to Auschwitz instead of his factory. When the train did not make it to Zwittau- Brinnlitz, Schindler made the trip to Auschwitz and gathered his workers and their children. While trying to board the boxcar trains a Nazis officer grabbed a group of children and tried to detain them. Schindler saw this and proceeded to go and grab one of the children. By showing the officer how valuable the children (are for shining shell casings). The officer then lets the young children go. This was the final step in Schindler being perceived as a hero. His journey of “anti-hero” to hero was finally complete. Without Schindler´s list thousands of more Jews would have been gassed, shot, starved, or tortured to
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