Oskar Schindler Armed Resistance

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“Although I had documents stating that I am a Christian, it was always easy to discover my true identity because of my circumcision. The only thing that the police had to do is to ask me to pull down my pants” (Ed Herman). In January of 1938, all around Europe, people of the Jewish race were persecuted. They were persecuted by their neighbors whom they once broke bread with. Europeans turned on their friends because of the poisonous message the government was preaching. During the Holocaust, Jews and Germans used armed and unarmed forms of resistance to retain their humanity. Oskar Schindler, a rich german man, help save thousands of lives without armed forces. Unarmed forms of resistance can be just as, or better than, armed resistance. “During World War II, Schindler rescued more than 1,000 Jews from deportation to Auschwitz, Nazi…show more content…
They would go behind the backs of the Nazis and do things they were permitted not to do. In some of the ghettos schools, cultural and religious activities were allowed, but not always. “Going to and from class in various apartments and basements, students hid their books under their clothing… The Germans forbade religious activities in most ghettos, so many Jews prayed and held ceremonies in secret-in cellars, attics, and back rooms- as others stood guard” (Holocaust Memorial Museum). The Jews tried to keep what they could inside of the ghetto. They tried to hide what they could so they did not have to fight with the Germans, but in some cases, they had to. The Warsaw ghetto uprising was the most successful uprising in the Holocaust. “In response to the deportations, on July 28, 1942, several Jewish underground organizations created an armed self-defense unit known as the Jewish Combat Organization… German commander SS General Jurgen Stroop reported losing 12 men, killed and wounded, during the first assault on the ghetto” (Holocaust Memorial

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