Oskar Schindler Courage

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People do not realize that some Germans played a role in rescuing Jews. One of the most courageous was Oskar Schindler. What makes Oskar Schindler such a good example? Schneider took a gamble with the Nazi Officials and it paid off in full. The gambles was with the jews, he knew what the germans were doing was wrong. Schindler was an extraordinary businessman with many great ideas to save the jews. One of his ideas was to start his own “camp” Schindler 's plan was to save as many jews as he possibly could. What was his plan? He made a list. What is the “List” is a group of names that he will save from the concentration camp, he will make sure they have food, a place to stay, and the most important part is that he will try his best to make sure they survive. Oskar Schindler had many great traits that include, courageous, integrity…show more content…
Without these connections he would not have been able to get the jews to work for him. Oskar schindler had many problems but he knew how to use them for the better. Schindler had gambling problems, he may have lost money before, but he took a huge gamble and it paid off in full. Schindler 's gamble was with the Jews, he wanted to have a safe place for the jews. Schindler thought of a clever plan. He would ask the German Officials to send him some jews to work for him. They eventually gave him some workers. If Schindler did not have German Offical officers we would not have gotten the jews. "Oskar Schindler used his good connections with high german officials in the armament Administration to set up a branch of the Plaszow camp.". Schindler is very thankful he had know German Offical Officers, If he would not have know the German official Officer he would not have been able to save all the jews he saved. No doubt that if Schindler would not have know all of the people he know he would not have been able to protect so many jews. This shows that all Germans are not
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