Oskar Schindler During The Holocaust

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Oskar Schindler was a man who, unexpectedly, did extraordinary things during a desperate time of need. He created a system that would help feed his workers more than Hitler. He had factories that his Jews could work in. He finalized a list of 1200 Jews he was able to save with his set up. Schindler turned from being communist to a humanitarian. Schindler was a German industrialist, spy and member of the Nazi Party who was out to make money, but ended up saving over 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust age. Schindler was out too help save as many Jews as he could. Schindler spent millions of dollars to protect his Jews. The people whom he saved would work for him with out pay, and would also be housed, clothes, and feed with the promised protection of their lives. “These people. My people. I want my people.” (IMDB). This was one thing Schindler often said that told Hitler he was serious about the Jews he wanted. When the Holocaust began Schindler watched as the Nazi soldiers would use their rifle to shoot at children, elderly, and the sick when they first arrived at the camps. After…show more content…
Theses guards were instructed to stay on their side of the fence and they had to keep the rule that no one was allowed in the factories with out the permission of Schindler. Schindler’s workers were only half as hungry as everyone else in the other camps. The meals Schindler gave his workers had a calorie count of a little under 2000 and the meals that Hitler fed his Jews had a calorie count of less that 900. In Schindler’s factory he registered everyone who worked for him. The elderly were registered as twenty years younger than their age, and the children were registered as legal adults. Schindler worked in a different way than Hitler did. At Schindler’s factories no one was hit, murdered, or sent to death camps like Auschwitz. The Jews at Schindler’s factories were among the only who were saved and
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