Oskar Schindler Essay

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Oskar Schindler was born in 1908 in the city of Zwittau, Moravia. Oskar's father, Hans Schindler, was a factory owner, and his mother, Louisa Schindler was a house maker. Oskar also had a younger sister named Elfriede. Oskar and Elfriede had a very close relationship even though there was a seven year age difference. Oskar and Emilie attended a German language school. When Schindler was a child he was very popular, and had many friends. Although he was very popular, Schindler was not a very good student. A college opportunity came up for Oskar but he went to Trade school instead. At Trade school Schindler took courses in several areas. In 1924 Schindler left school. Since Schindler left school he was taking jobs to find his direction in life. Four years after leaving…show more content…
Schindler worked there until the company collapsed because of the economic depression of the 1930s. When Schindler was not working her was usually drinking or philandering.
In the 1930s Europe change dramatically because of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Schindler sensed the shift in political momentum, so he joined a local pro-Nazi organization. Schindler then started to gain intelligence for the German military. Shortly after, Schindler was arrested by the Czech authorities in 1938. Schindler was charged with spying, and was sentenced to death. The sentence never fully went through, and he was release a little while after. A second chance came up for Schindler when Germany added the Sudetenland. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland which then sparked World War II. Schindler left his wife and traveled to Krakow, Poland. Schindler went to Krakow in search for profit for the ongoing war. Schindler was looking for business opportunities, but he got involved in the black market. Schindler still wanted to expand on his business, so he got a former jewish enamelware factory. He began producing goods for the German military. Schindler soon renamed
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