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Oskar schindler should be considered a hero because during the holocaust jews were facing the violence and misbehaving of nazis while schindler being a nazi was trying to help jews and give them the best life at that time he could and because of him nearly 1,200 jews survived the brutal war.

At first, Schindler was accepting jews workers in his factory while others were kicking them out. He gave jews a work permit so, they can stay and don 't have to be moved to camp where other nazis whipped people. Jews were allowed to visit their family members working in other part of factory and were not afraid to killed if they made any mistakes but were appreciated on their good work. He would also entertain them by his humorous personality and lighten up their day with little gifts like a pack of cigarettes which can be traded for food. For example, leon talks about schindler 's act of kindness on page 141 “ Sometimes……….for bread”.

Second, Leyson
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At last, When soviet union came to poland, SS was ordered to murder all of the jews and flee away but before any actions were taken schindler somehow managed to transfer the SS of area. Nearly all of the germans fled away because of the fear of soviet union but schindler stayed for a while risking his life. He gave vodka and bolt of cloth from one of the nazi’s abondended warehouse. So, jews can have something to trade for food and wear while staring their new life. After supporting in these hard times schindler 's last words to his jewish workers before fleeing himself were “You are Free”. For example on page 165 it is stated that “Despite………...certain death”.

In conclusion, Oskar Schindler was a hero to jews because during the times of disaster and suffer schindler was always with jews. He helped them in various ways like providing with job, food, cloths, entertaining to decrease sorrow, appreciating to feel good and the great of all freedom. He was like an angel to jews sent by god to protect and help
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