Oskar Schindler Saved More Than One 200 Jews In The Holocaust

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Oskar Schindler

A man named Oskar Schindler actually saved more than 1,200 Jews in the Holocaust. He persuaded the Nazis to save them and transferring his workers so they don 't suffer the death camps. He is a very brave man for what he did. By 1935 a lot of Sudeten Germans joined the pro-Nazi Sudeten German Party. Schindler joined too-not for the love of Nazis, but because it made business sense for prevailing wind. Schindler will never be like Anne Frank who is “ still living” but will be the one person who saved more than 1,200 Jews.
Oskar Schindler moved around all throughout his life, with family, with his business and much more. In 1938 to 1939 he went to Portland for business trips. Schindler did this so he could spy for the Germans.
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