Oskar Schindler: The Nazi-Turned Hero

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Oskar Schindler
The Holocaust was a time when no Jewish person was safe from being sent to death camps. Death camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald where Jewish prisoners were sent to death. Oskar Schindler was a German and industrialist who would go on to save as many as 1100 Jewish men and women from being killed. (Oskar Schindler Entrepreneur 1908-1974) Oskar Schindler was known as “The Nazi-Turned Hero”. (Oskar Schindler: The Nazi-Turned Hero Elise Tate)
Oskar Schindler was born and raised in a German household. He was the oldest of two children. He attended German language school, and his entire family were lifelong members of the German Catholic Community. ( Oskar Schindler worked for his father, who owned a farm machinery plant. Due to the Depression in the in the 1930’s, his father’s business failed and Oskar Schindler pursued other interest. ( It was at this time that Oskar Schindler worked for German intelligence and joined the Nazi Party. (Oskar Schindler Entrepreneur 1908-1974)
Subsequently, Oskar Schindler began drinking and heavy philandering. (Oskar Schindler- Entrepreneur-
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He obtained a former Jewish enamelware factory. He renamed the factory Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik. This factory produced kitchenware for the German army. When the factory first opened Schindler hired Jewish workers because they were less expensive. (Oskar Schindler-Entrepreneur- Schindler became very well respected by the SS officers. He could speak too these high- ranking officers very easily for his benefit. ( Oskar Schindler soon realized that the Nazi Army was very brutal to the Jewish people. It was then that Oskar Schindler now wanted to save the Jewish people from this brutality. (
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