Oskar Schindler's Factory: The Holocaust

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Oskar Shindler’s Factory The Holocaust is a dark period of time in history that symbolized more than just death and warfare. Miracles of little characters have been recorded behind all those ghastly wars, and those terrible scenes. Oskar Scindler, a man who diligently used his factory, saved thousands of lives while not been discovered. Out of all those miraculous characters, Oskar Schinlder stood out the most.
Early life
On April 28, 1908 Oskar Schindler was born in the city of industries—Zwittau, Moravia. His family consisted of his father, Hans Schindler, his mother, Louisa Schindler, and his sibling, Elfriede (“Oskar Schindler Biography”). Just like Anne Frank, his childhood was mostly spent in a German school (“The Dairy of Anne Frank”). This is a picture of Oskar Schindler and
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Polices suspected him for unapproved help to Jews and illegal business (“Oskar Schindler”). He got arrested three times while he owned Emalia, but they couldn’t apply him with a sentence (“Schindler’s Factory”).
After the war ended, his wife and him settled in Germany, later on in Afghanistan. In 1962, Oskar Schindler was awarded as “Righteous Among the Nations” for reviewing his effort putted in saving lives during the Holocaust, while putting himself in incredible risks (A Letter Written by Oskar Schindler’s Former Workers). After all, his life ended in Israel in1974. (“Oskar Schindler”). The story of Oskar Schindler inspired hundreds of people, and informed them the stories during the holocaust. To me, what he had done is incredibly amazing and is something that we should really respect (“Oskar Schindler”). Relating this to the topics we learned in class, Anne frank received the help from Miep Gies, and was extremely thankful. Although it’s only a few families she saved, that action of hers is similarly dignified just like Schindler’s (“The Dairy of Anne Frank”). What he had done is worth a moment to

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