Argumentative Essay On Oskar Shindler

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“The Dream...And everyone in Plaszow knew this, the dream of everyone in Plaszow was to find a way to work for Schindler…” Moshe Bejski (Vid). Oskar Schindler was an enigmatic figure during the Holocaust, originally motivated by greed, the industrialist had a miraculous change of heart during the Second World War. Although Schindler’s motivations can be disputed, his impact on the Jews whose lives he saved can not. One of the Jews Schindler rescued was Moshe Bejski, a young man just nineteen years of age when the war started. Bejski was a Zionist, but due to a serious heart condition, he was unable to travel to Israel as he intended, and was confined to Poland (Gariwo 1). After arriving at Plaszow concentration camp, Bejski was eventually employed by Schindler in his factory, where he was safe from the abuses of the Nazi SS. Throughout the later years of his life, Moshe Bejski honored the man who saved him and many others, Oskar Schindler, through his work as a justice in the highest levels of Israeli courts, and his activism in remembering heroes of the Holocaust,…show more content…
“Bejski was appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court in 1979, and served there until he retired in 1991” (Schwartzapfel 5). In becoming an Israeli Supreme Court justice Bejski honored Schindler because just as Schindler had demonstrated a belief in equality and fairness, Bejski could do the same from his new position. Bejski also honored Schindler when he headed the commision named for himself. The commission investigated the 1983 Israeli bank-stock crash, and it harsh criticized and suggested the removal of many top banking officials (Schwartzapfel 5). This honored Schindler because just as he had stood up to a corrupt government for the betterment of others, Bejski did the same, as he did not allow the corruption in the Israeli government to go
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