Oskar Schindler's Transformation

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Schindler 's Transformation Oskar Schindler, a greedy nazi who’d people not expect to ever do anything good had an amazing transformation in his life. He is smart and knows how to get his way. But when most people think rich people are greedy his transformation proves otherwise. Schindler changed in many ways throughout his story. He started out tricking people to make money but ended up saving many Jews and his actions touched the hearts of many people. Schindler attitude toward nazis changed near the end of his story. In the beginning schindler is being friendly to the nazis because he is trying to get his business running. Near the end of schindler 's story he is only being friendly to nazis to save more people. The beginning of the…show more content…
The goals that Schindler was going towards changed throughout his life. Schindler had one goal and that was to get rich. Schindler achieved that goal through slave labor and schmoozing nazi leaders. Schindler did very bad things but as things progressed and he witnessed the liquidation of the ghetto he changed. His goals then were to save as many jews as he could. Schindler also spent all of the money he earned into saving and keeping the Jews safe. His greediness and schmoozing ended up saving 1200 Jews . The attitude Schindler had to jews from the beginning to the end differed greatly. Schindler only thought of them to be good for free labor. He used them in his factory because they were slave labor and they didn’t have to be paid. In the end Schindler befriended them, Itzhak Stern, his business manager was a very good friend. Schindler let the Jews celebrate the Sabbath, gave them adequate food, and didn’t make them work to hard. Schindler was very friendly to the Jews and treated them well. Schindler did some very bad things in the beginning, he used slave labor for his profit and he schmoozed many people for his benefit. Though near the end he still schmoozed to get what he wanted, now it was for the benefit of the Jews that he was saving. Schindler change of character and attitude saved 1200 Jews. Schindler changed a lot and because of that many generations of the jews he saved lived
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