Osmani Chuppi Analysis

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The first concept that I would like to discuss here is the underclass in Cuba and its take over the island, suppressing the higher class music (salsa). The underclass described as it is, connected to the success of reggaeton, are the reasons for the moral panic that it provokes and the underclass taking over the Cuban society. The critics on the reggaeton as a ‘low culture’ may be seen as a rejection to the underclass, which is whole another level of discussion. In 2011, the moral panic reached another point, when the video of the song ‘El Chupi Chupi’ by Osmani Gracia won, via SMS voting, for most popular video. The video by Osmani Garcia featuring some of the most popular artists were using children like imaginary of candy and lollipops while…show more content…
Cuba was ranked 11th in the world in the number of doctors per capita. Many poor peasants were seriously malnourished and hungry. Neither health care nor education reached those rural Cubans at the bottom of society. Illiteracy was widespread, and those lucky enough to attend school rarely made it past the first or second grades. A booming middle class held the promise of prosperity and social mobility. Under Castro 's rule, the class divisions and social differentiations in Cuba disappeared. After the Cuban Revolution, in 1959, the highest-paid were professionals, such as medical doctors who both practiced medicine and taught in universities, who earned around 750 pesos per month (around 30 US dollars), while unskilled laborers earned around 100 pesos per month. However, the revolution did not destroy all forms of privilege. Under the Castro government, people involved in the government, military, and the Communist Party formed a new privileged group. Although their salaries maintained to be on a reasonable level, they got an access to better hospitals, housings, cars, and supplies which the rest did not have. This way of ruling produced noticeable results by 1974 when the infant mortality rate that had dropped to 12 per
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