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Osteoarthritis Overview: Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that affects the cartilage that makes up the joints. Among the symptoms of the disease, the most obvious is surely the pain. The person feels the joint stiff and gradually begins to decrease mobility. Generally the causes are unknown. The experts talk about mostly a disease of multifactorial origin, in whose emergence involves several factors. The treatments consist of non-drug remedies, such as ' exercise, and in treatments using medication, especially Consisting of the use of acetaminophen. Causes: The causes of osteoarthritis are multifactorial. There are many risk factors that can change the state of equilibrium joint. They can be mechanical stress, such as trauma, or disease…show more content…
Often the professional activities and sports can affect the evolution of the disease. For instance, it is found frequently osteoarthritis of the shoulder, elbow and hand in those who are involved the use of jackhammers. In any case it is to be aware of other causes, such as the age, which entails a loss of elasticity and the onset of osteoporosis. There are some diseases that affect the endocrine system and which may be considered influential, such as diabetes mellitus and gout. Obesity is an important risk factor. Symptoms: The symptoms of osteoarthritis consist essentially in the presence of pain. The latter is generated by alterations of the anatomical-functional. For example, in the case of the knee, even the normal walking increases the pressure within the joint, stretching the joint capsule and causing a painful sensation. The person suffers from joint stiffness, especially when you wake up in the morning and after periods of immobility. It may still be a symptom passenger, which results in about a half hour. But sometimes it may happen that the process of cartilage degeneration leads to a progressive joint limitation. This is a reduction of the movement, related to the functionality of the joint itself; it tends to swell. When the phenomenon affects the spine, may appear low back pain and

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