Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

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Holistic approach and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is the hallmark of Osteopathic Medicine. While this unique approach to medicine might bring additional benefits to patients as compare to traditional medicine, people are still unaware of the concepts lie within the profession as well as what make them different from their allopathic colleagues. Hence, social stigma still exists toward this medical proffesion simply due to the initial of their medical diploma. Being an M.D or D.O carry the same mission and vision in providing care for the sick while helping to alleviate patients’ pain and suffering. Thus, it’s essential for osteopathic students as well as osteopathic physicians to have pride in such a rewarding career and educate…show more content…
school, you don’t want to be a second-class citizen” (Berger, 2014). While social stigma arises from various standpoints, osteopathic physicians’ competency is often scrutinized due to their low GPA or MCAT score in gaining acceptance into medical school. As this might hold true and have sheltered many aspiring students, it’s important to recognize that osteopathic physicians receive similar medical education and training as compare to allopathic physicians. An acceptance to medical school is just the beginning of the medical journey, as they still repeatedly have to prove their competency through medical licensing exams. The quality of being a good physician is rooted in patient care. Different initials don’t make a physician more or less qualified than the other. It’s merely the different approaches in medical practice, which could be influenced by the physician’s perspective and preference. Even within the same medical discipline like allopathic, one physician would prefer to practice certain way or prescribe a certain medication based on his or her perspective in treating the patients. On the counterpart, holistic approach might not be exclusive to osteopathic medicine. Some allopathic physicians might prefer to take a holistic approach in patient examination without actually receiving an official training to do so. Furthermore, many patients don’t even know their primary care doctors are D.O and only recognize them as physicians. The existence of osteopathic medicine needs to bring to the public’s attention and not just to prospective medical students as it might helps to reduce the social stigma. “ OMT was developed to improve the body’s healing capacity. Although a small percentage of DOs offer OMT to their patients…headache” (virto, 2015). Osteopathic physicians should join the effort in spreading the quality of this unique medical practice by offering OMT to their patients. As they incorporate OMT into their patient’s course of

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