Osteosarcoma Case Study

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION I. Background of the Study As the time passes and world changes, things happen to change as well. Advancements are to be found, developments are still to be found. In the health history, there are diseases that are known to be very rampant nowadays. And through the advancements, treatments and cures have been developed. But trying to look at the unseen corners of the said history, as of today, there are some matters that are not yet known and are unacquainted to the human ears. Bone cancer is an uncommon cancer that many people are not conscious about. It is not very common to human kind for it has been found that this disease is very rare. There are some types of bone cancer that occur to children and some mostly affect…show more content…
The explicit cause of osteosarcoma is not known, but it is concluded to be due to DNA variations — either inherited or seized after birth. Other ideology and federations have been implied as risk factors. Information about what causes a disease is called ‘aetiology’. Osteosarcoma can mostly occur in the upper arm and the knee part of the human body. What are the treatment for Osteosarcoma? Chemotherapy is one of the process in treating cancer like osteosarcoma by using drugs. The drugs are commonly given into a vein or artery and can grasp and eradicate cancer cells overall the body. Chemotherapy is also known as the best treatment for the osteosarcoma patients. Most osteosarcomas don’t appear to have spread beyond the main tumor when they are first found. Patients are treated with chemotherapy before surgery and also after having the surgery done for about 10 weeks. People with osteosarcomas that reacted well to chemotherapy before surgery usually get the same chemo drugs after surgery. People whose tumors responded poorly usually get distant chemo after surgery. A report suggests, although application intensification boosts the digit of patients with a satisfying histological response, it does not shift overall survival. Specialists caring for patients with osteosarcoma should consult a pediatric oncologist affiliated with a center that participates in national or international trials to determine both the current standard treatment protocol and whether an appropriate investigational study is open for patient

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