Osteosarcoma Informative Speech

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Cancer is never what we dream of having, especially a cancer that is the most prevalent in teens called osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma can attack every bone in your body. This type of cancer can be terrifying to both the patient and their family members. I will be discussing many stages of the cancer and treatment plans with you.

Osteosarcoma is a very rare type of cancer, but is one of the top five most common cancer types in teens. There are about 1000 new patients each year diagnosed with this cancer; meaning that it is actually only 2% of the cancers found in humans each year. It is usually diagnosed during puberty and it is more common in males and African Americans. The cancer can actually be found in animals like dogs or cats alongside
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If osteosarcoma is metastatic, there is approximately 15-30% chance of survival. This means that the cancer has already spread throughout your body. Chemotherapy is usually the main treatment for this grade of cancer. In some cases, chemotherapy and surgery are required at the same time to help insure that the cancer is being treated/cured. If osteosarcoma is localized, there is approximately 60-80% survival rate. This means that the cancer has stayed in one particular spot and has not spread throughout the body. The localized cancers can’t fully be removed with…show more content…
Grade II - cancer cells that don’t look like normal cells and are growing faster than normal cells. Grade III - cancer cells that look abnormal and may grow or spread more aggressively. These cells are unrecognizable under a microscope; they don’t even look like bone anymore. Cancer staging system is as follows: Stage 1) localized cancer; Stage 2) usually includes spread to the nearest lymph node; Stage 3) usually indicates more extensive lymph node involvement; Stage 4) always indicates spread to other

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