Ostrich Boys Book Review

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The action packed book “Ostrich Boys” is written by Keith Gray and is a novel that appeals to teenagers for countless reasons. The story is about 3 teenage boys who run away with their dead friend Ross’ ashes to help with their grieving. It is successful thanks to Gray’s dramatic and enticing story line combined in with the fantastic use of language techniques. In particular, the humour, characters and strong language mixed in to the book really helps grab the attention of the intended audience. The main events that occur in the story firstly start near the beginning. Blake takes the urn from Ross’ house but the family in shock and disbelief catch him as he leaves the house. All 3 of the boys; Blake, Kenny and Sim embark on their adventure to take Ross to a place called Ross to give him a ‘proper’ funeral. Along the way to their destination, they encounter many different complications which disrupt them. Kenny leaves his bag on a train, they get a lift from 2 peculiar people to Blackpool, Sim ends up doing a bungee jump and many other astonishing events. This is all successful as each turn of the page opens your eyes to something…show more content…
From looking at a wide range of the books features, they all add up like a jigsaw to form the perfect book. For teenagers that find it hard to focus on a book, this is definitely great as there is always something different to lure you further into the book. The feelings expressed by the characters can certainly allow teenagers to relate to what is happening. The author Keith Gray has intelligently added lots of different quirks and cliffhangers throughout the book to make it more pleasing and bring it to the best standard it can be. It seems Keith Gray has taken into account what teenagers enjoy and from my point of view, it seems he has hit the nail on the head with this and has been able to form everything into one fantastic
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