Oswalt: Summary

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Conclusions Oswalt gives his conclusion of the book in chapter ten and mainly reaffirms his key opinions from the former chapters. The chief subject that he stresses is that the difference between biblical and non-biblical views of truth. The biblical view is fixed in transcendence while the non-biblical view is fixed in continuity. The author uses a good analogy of the comparison of a dog and man description side by side, they both have some of the same body parts but they are difference in essences. The same goes for Israel and his neighbors, they both have some similarity but are different in essence in their belief of God. Unlike the pagan gods, God the creature of the universe cannot be a part of this world in some seen form. God who is transcendent, allows us to know him by translating himself in a language in which we can understand. God who is only able to judge us according to the purpose he has design for us, is the same who can redeem us back unto him if it is his will.…show more content…
For those who say yes, they are walking in the light. For those who are walking in the light (Jesus Christ) are ultimate desire is to understand the will of God for our lives. The difference in history is not as essential to those of us who are waiting for his glorious return, which will be our beginning of eternal
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