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Transcendence: Basis of Biblical Here the author drives home his point when it comes down to defending monotheism between the Old Testament and Israel’s neighbors. According to history Israel was taught to believe in the One God. In the Ten Commandments God forbid them of making any graven images of things in heaven or earth to worship. Oswalt gives accurate details of how Israel believe in one divine being and goes on to name in today’s society there are only three monotheism religion ; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. These three religion have one thing in common; Old Testament. Oswalt tells the readers that God is a spirit and is self-existing. There are many who relates to God as a male because of how he is describe in the Bible.…show more content…
Author goes in seriousness with the subject of ethics. In the Earliest Near East, the non-biblical worldviews held two sets of ethics. One set deals with how people act together with each other. The other set of ethics dealt with how people acted upon the gods. For the Bible, moral behavior was defined by God alone and, therefore, not subject to the urges of public change. Other typical features of biblical ethics include: there was also only one set of ethics, the same ethical code applied entirely too every person, and a criticism against someone else was considered a crime towards God…show more content…
Here in this chapter Oswalt explain that history was used by Israel and the pagan neighbors, but the difference was that the pagan’s gods were perfect in their history, they did not show or explain the down falls of its prophets. They often kept their god’s in a box, they could act or be a certain way. Whereas when it came down to Israel history, it included the human mistakes by its prophets and its people. They believed in writing history as factual all because of their God, who could not lie. They operated in the transcendence, not with holding the truth. This history was not only important for them but the now generation which could learn from the mistakes that was made. The history also show how God interact with humanity whereas the pagan god’s history did not show
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