Othello As A Tragic Hero

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Tragedy has always been regarded a great genre portraying puzzle of human existence; demonstrating from diverse angles that both greatness and humility come from within, proclaiming free will and touching upon the delicate matters such as fate. There is no doubt that Othello was a Shakespearean tragedy . is a play written by Shakespeare, or a play written in the style and manner of Shakespeare by a different writer. Shakespearean tragedy has its own specific features, which characterize it from other tragedies. Some elements of a Shakespearean tragedy are a tragic hero: chief character cursed by fate and possessed of a tragic flaw, struggle between good and evil, this struggle can take place as part of the plot or exist within the main character. External conflict This can be a problem facing the hero as a result of the plot or a "bad guy" character, and internal conflict the struggle the hero engages in with his/her fatal flaw. The play, Othello, turns around its two major characters: Othello, a Moor general in the Venetian army and his traitorous ensign, Iago. The focus of this essay will be the character of the ensign ,Iago, how critics differ in their valuation of the role that Iago enact in the play in bringing about this tragedy. Othello is a tragic hero. He is a general in the Venetian army, a good person, courageous, brave and trustworthy. However, he has some weaknesses such as his jealousy, his range and irrational decision, feeling less than others, his
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