Othello Desdemona Qualities

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How seemingly good qualities turn “virtue into pitch” Fu, Guweichun When a tragedy occurs, who is the most to blame? What holds most of the responsibilities? The fate, human conduct, or their seemingly good qualities? In William Shakespeare’s play “Othello”, the loving couple Othello and Desdemona got distanced and “murdered” by the rumor delivered by Iago, meanwhile, other people also died as a victim of Iago’s revenge on Othello. So many close relationships, as well as the harmonious and peaceful lives of a variety of people was unfortunately destroyed by the influence of authority and jealousy, even trust and love. Sometimes people themselves could be victims of their own good qualities, just like in the play, Roderigo’s unshakeable and …show more content…

There is no doubt that Roderigo’s first intension was never to bring misery into his or Desdemona’s life, he wanted happiness for Desdemona and himself at the same time, he gave up almost everything he got for her love as in return, all he could ever think about is his love-Desdemona. Before Roderigo left Iago after the council meeting discussing Othello and Desdemona’s marriage, Iago asked him to collet as much money as he can, so that he can deliver them to Desdemona as an evidence of Roderigo’s strong and intense love. Roderigo was so motivated by the attraction of love, he said: “I’ll sell all my land.” (1.3.425) He was willing to sell his land his house for Desdemona. He trusted Iago so much that he believed Iago will do what he promise, and even till he died he never knew that all his money has only been dropped into Iago’s purse and never had a chance to reach Desdemona’s hand at all. His impulsive love made him such weak and easy to manipulated by Iago for his own purpose of giving revenge. When Iago came up with the idea of tricking Cassio to make mistakes after he gets drunk, in order to get drag him off his position as the lieutenant, he was so confident that Roderigo could be his useful chess piece to support his victory in his game, he …show more content…

For sure, the stubborned determination is precious when seeking for true love, but Roderigo is too stubborned that unthoughtful actions have been made, this strong love could be a dangerous sharp weapon to destroy himself and others. A heart full of kindness and mercy, is the most treasurable qualities for humankind, a heart to forgive and understand is a heart of goodness and selflessness. However, Desdemona as the loyal wife of Othello was too kind and selfless when facing the ruthless accuse and the heartless treatments from her husband, which blinded both of their eyes and blocked them from seeing the truth.Yet, that kind heart of Desdemona ended her life and destroyed her husband’s. Trust, is the most valuable things to gain from others, so a bridge of trust is extremely strong, but, it needs to be built with the support of both sides. Unfortunately, Othello’s trust lied on the wrong person, which got himself easily manipulated. His wrong placed trust tortured himself while ruining his entire life. Indeed, good human qualities contribute in creating a better society and life for everyone, but still, these great qualities could make goodness fragile, they can do bad as well. So, it is necessary for everyone, to seriously think about this. How could you manage your goodness to do good, instead of having

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