Othello Diary Analysis

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My written task is based on a book named Othello written by william shakespeare in 1622. This book is a tragic love story or play which is really interesting and I enjoyed reading it. For that, I wanted my written task to be an emotional discourse and I have centered my topic on Roderigo’s secret love and his emotions for Desdemona. Thus, I have decided to write my written task in the form of diary. Because, a diary is where we can write everything and give vent to our hidden emotions that we can’t share with others.The purpose for this was to show through this diary,Roderigo’s jealousy for Othello and his intense love for Desdemona. To express my thoughts, I used the language of love and kindness to show that Roderigo is truly in love. However, I also used some words which expresses Roderigo’s disappointment . I knew that by following the structure of diary will definitely help me to pursue my ideas in a better way so I included date, time and Starting as introduction, to make it easier for the readers to understand what type of text do they read. This written task relates to the literature part of our English course but I am writing it as a modern English, instead of Shakespeare 's use of language.

Friday 25th December 1603
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Your innocence compels me not to do anything wrong. You are a pretty angel for me but I cannot see you with Othello whom you loved a lot. I cry at night but still hoping that you will be back to me when you’ll realize that Othello is not a right choice for you. As I know that he is easily befooled by people and many of his fellows try to destroy you matrimonial relationship. I believe that you will come back to me as I will be the perfect spouse for
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