Othello Fixed Mindset Analysis

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Makayla Spencer Ms.Milliner EES21QH-04 1/20/17 GRIT AND MINDSETS Throughout the book of Othello all of the characters have been affected in different ways. This books shows the two mindsets people would have and how having grit effects that. The two mindsets are growth and fixed, To have a fixed mindset means that you don’t have the intentions to continue when the going gets tough. “ believing the qualities you have are carved in stone”(Dweck pg52).People with a fixed mindset look at what is instead what can be, they also believe that if they do not excel on the first try then they would rather give up then try harder. A person with a growth mindset are always trying improve themselves because there is always room for improvement. “Based…show more content…
In the play he was one of the characters that stood out because he demonstrated a fixed mindset. The reason that he had a fixed mindset was because even though he was the one that saw everything he couldn't see the sheet being pulled over his eyes. Othello was in love with his wife Desdemona until Iago started to tell him lies that she was sleeping with cassio. “Had it pleased heaven To try me with affliction, had they rained all kind of sores and shames on my bare head,”(pg 97).As a result he started to feed into them he no longer wanted to be near her, he wanted cassio’s head and mostly he felt sorry for himself that he let someone do something as terrible as this to him. In othello’s personal life he did not show grit because he accepted what Iago had said as if it was his fate to be cursed. Throughout the play he did not think of other explanations on why desdemona would betray his trust. There were many moments where he could have done something to bring what he thought was a rocky marriage onto solid ground. By just speaking to others he could have avoided losing her before it was too late. Desdemona on the other hand had shown a growth mindset. She was a purest out of

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