Othello Gender Stereotypes

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Currently in the United States less than one percent of domestic abuse is reported to police. Nevertheless, about thirty five percent of the American population will endure such cruelties. There is often a separation between public and private matters pertaining to relationships for fear of judgment. Gender stereotypes have the ability to inflict tremendous pressure upon a person’s reaction to mistreatment for there is emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse. Currently in the media a relevant discussion about sexual abuse in the workplace has surged a mass discussion. Various influential figures in Hollywood such as Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer are faced with sexual harassment and or rape accusations. The significant…show more content…
Inaccurate generalizations in society latch onto minds, possibly without recognition, forming a mold for what encompasses masculinity. As a consequence, males from their earliest days are taught how to act and speak varying very much from females. From a young age boys are taught to be physically strong and that they must win athletically. The world stands excessively divided in terms of toys, food, clothes, toiletries and activities. Shakespeare represents the same idea though Othello in the 1600s with the positions of power politically solely being held by men. Othello is general of the Venetian army and follows the precedent exclusively considering appointing males as his lieutenant. Iago is angered by his career taking a turn for the position is giving to Cassio instead, “In personal suit to make me his lieutenant, off-capp’d to him: and, by the faith of man, I know my price, I am worth no worse a place”(Shakespeare 5). Furthermore, from a young age males are confined with the expectations of being rough, pronounced, and strong. They are always suppose to be leaders and to be moved away from sensitive emotions. Males are not widely accepted for expressing feminine deemed qualities, leading to an extensive amount of dishonor. One…show more content…
One of the greatest aspects to how a male is taught to conduct himself is through his personality. Planned Parenthood explains the basic structure that can trap some males through hypermasculinity, “They believe they’re supposed to compete with other men and dominate feminine folks by being aggressive, worldly, sexually experienced, insensitive, physically imposing, ambitious, and demanding”(Planned Parenthood). With more detail, when men are shifted towards this exaggerated way there are many more problems beyond not being themselves. When hypermasculinity takes places there is an increased chance of abuse emotionally and physically towards a women. On the other hand men have a one in six chance of being sexually abused themselves. Their statistic is deceptively low due to a lack of reporting the situation. There is a terrible belief this could not take place, or that men are not even supposed to cry. This can then lead to mental disorders like depression for a feeling of isolation when one cannot expresses themselves freely. Psychologically, the traditional

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