Othello Jealousy Research Paper

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The Art of The Othello Syndrome
Jealousy is a normal human emotion, listening to Beyoncé song, “Jealous”, can help show that everyone goes through jealousy. Also, what that emotion makes you think, and do. “I'm just jealous I'm just human Don't judge me,” Is what she says in her song. My mother always told me that, “don’t let anyone get to you.” Jealousy is a normal human emotion, but it becomes serious when it is morbid jealousy and that is pathological. When you think about jealousy it is considered, A green-eyed monster, like the Hulk. Jealousy in moderation is normal but shouldn’t be compared to the Othello Syndrome. Yet when people look at the word Othello Syndrome, one might
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In today’s generation going through someone’s social media or their cell phone can end any relationship. For example, when you are jealous, what do you feel? Is it fear of losing a loved one’s affection? According to Psychology Today, “Jealousy and envy are painful emotions that can be hard to distinguish from one another,” says Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and the author of In the Name of Love. For one thing, when you are jealous, you fear that you may lose a loved one’s affection or favoritism to someone else (Psychology Today). In contrast, when you are envious, you perceive yourself as getting the short end of the stick. In fact, Ben-Zeév has found that lovers of unavailable people experience both emotions. People want more in a relationship and wouldn’t want to lose what they have. So, this puts them at risk of developing morbid or extreme, jealousy. As Berit Brogaard points out, that forensic psychiatrists Michael Kingham and Harvey Golden in issues of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment wrote about how morbid jealousy is pathological and it is an irrational emotion that signals a psychopathological disorder. But jealousy in moderation is very normal and it can show how much we care about the other person. Morbid jealousy is signaled by irrational, obsessive thoughts centered around a lover or ex-lover’s possible sexual unfaithfulness, together with unacceptable or extreme behavior. However, it occurs more often in older individual and in males. And the average age it occurs in is 38 years. But the authors emphasized that morbid jealousy is a symptom, not a

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